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NX Style Fuses

NX Style Full Range non indicating Fuses


Cooper Power Systems Type NX current-limiting fuses provide overload protection for all indoor and underground cable distribution systems 2.4 through 34.5 kV. NX fuses are noiseless and expel no hot gases or burning particles while interrupting currents from minimum melt to maximum fuse rating (50,000 A through 23 kV, 35,000 A through 27 and 38 kV). Their currentlimiting capability greatly reduces the momentary duty on protected equipment, extending the life and, in some cases, reducing the original cost of that equipment.

The ability of an NX fuse to interrupt low-current faults eliminates the need for auxiliary devices to handle these troublesome current levels. An NX fuse extends system coordination because it is fast clearing and current-limiting – conductor and equipment damage caused by high currents is virtually eliminated.

Clip-Style NX Fuse

The basic NX fuse unit is designed to mount in a clip-style mounting. Basic clip-style NX fuses are available in 4.3, 5.5, 8.3, 15.5, 23, 27, and 38 kV ratings.

NX Fuse with Arc-Strangler Loadbreak Device

An NX fuse with an Arc-Strangler loadbreakingdevice, that mounts in a hinge-style mounting is available on 4.3, 5.5, 8.3, and 15.5kV fuses. All current magnitudes from excitation current through 200 A can be interrupted positively and safely by opening the fuse with a switch disconnect stick.

These units have the same operating characteristics as the basic clipstyle fuse, along with loadbreaking capabilities.

Arc-Strangler Switchblade

Switchblades with the Arc-Strangler loadbreaking device are available in 8.3 and 15.5 kV, 200 A continuous current


The NX clip- and hinge-style fuses are designed to fit industry standard mountings. Each fuse is marked with its mounting code number. The mounting code number defines the mounting’s insulation level, contact spacing and contact type. NX clipstyle fuses fit 5/8" standard clipstyle mountings in pad-mounted transformers, switchgear, sectionalizing enclosures, industrial vaults, and metal clad switchgear. The NX hinge-style fuses fit the standard hinge-style mountings. The mounting code number of the fuse and the mount must be the same.

X-Limiter™ Hinge-mount Current-limiting Fuse


The Cooper Power Systems Combined Technologies (CT) X-Limiter™ hinge-mount fuses are designed to fit the mountings manufactured by S & C Electric Company.  The X-Limiter hinge-mount fuses are full-range, current-limiting fuses to be used indoors or for metal clad applications, and outdoors for crossarm mounting or substation
mounting, for the following S & C Electric Company mountings:
  • Type SMD®-20
  • Type SML®-4Z
  • Type SM®-20
  • Type SM®-4

The availability of the X-Limiter hinge-mount fuse makes it easy to convert from expulsion fuses directly to a full-range, current-limiting fuse in the same mounting. The designs utilize the S & C standard end fittings (hinge-end and latched-end) to ensure a perfect fit in the mountings.  The X-Limiter hinge-mount fuse’s
electrical and time current characteristics are identical to the X-Limiter fuse described in Catalog Section


X-Limiter hinge-mount fuses are rated at phase-to-ground voltage.  This is an acceptable practice when:

  • Loads are single-phase connected phase-to-ground.

  • Three-phase transformers are Y-Y grounded or Delta Y grounded connected and secondary load is at least 50% Y connected. Alternately, three-phase transformers are separately protected on their primary side.

  • Three-phase circuits are grounded “Y” connected and lines are single or three conductor shielded with intimate ground return path.

  • Single-phase circuits utilize single conductor shielded cable with intimate ground return path.


X-Limiter™ unitized Fuse


The Cooper Power Systems Combined Technologies (CT) X-Limiter™ Unitized fuse allows paralleling the two-inch diameter 4.3 kV, 5.5 kV, 8.3 kV and 15.5 kV fuses to fit the NX® Code 1 and Code 2 hinge mountings. It provides double current rated fused switching when a loadbreak feature is not required. The X-Limiter Unitized fuse has the same electrical characteristics and follows the same application criteria as the X-limiter fuse. One operation indicator is included per fuse set.

For additional information on contact us at 918.665.6888, or use our fuse search tab at the top of the page. You can also request a quote on any of the Combined Technologies' Fuses using our quote form.

For additional information on contact us at 918.665.6888, or use our fuse search tab at the top of the page. You can also request a quote on any of the Combined Technologies' Fuses using our quote form.

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Part Number


Select part number for more specific information
43F08-I NX 8 A/4300V
43F10-I NX 10 A/4300V
43F10-I/I NX 10 A/4300V
43F12-I NX 12 A/4300V
43F12-I/I NX 12 A/4300V
43F18-I NX 18 A/4300V
43F18-I/I NX 18 A/4300V
43F25-I NX 25 A/4300V
43F25-I/I NX 25 A/4300V
43F35-I NX 35 A/4300V
43F35-I/I NX 45 A/4300V
43F45-I NX 45 A/4300V
43F45-I/I NX 45 A/4300V
43F50-I NX 50 A/4300V
43F50-I/I NX 50 A/4300V
43F65-I NX 65 A/4300V
43F65-I/I NX 65 A/4300V
43F75-I NX 75 A/4300V
43F75-I/I NX 75 A/4300V
43F80-I NX 80 A/4300V
43F80-I/I NX 80 A/4300V
43F100-I NX 100 A/4300V
43F100-I/I NX 100 A/4300V
55F06-I NX 6 A/5500V
55F06-I/I NX 6 A/5500V
55F08-I NX 8 A/5500V
55F08-I/I NX 8 A/5500V
55F10-I NX 10 A/5500V
55F10-I/I NX 10 A/5500V
55F12-I NX 12 A/5500V
55F12-I/I NX 12 A/5500V
55F18-I NX 18 A/5500V
55F18-I/I NX 18 A/5500V
55F20-I NX 20 A/5500V
55F20-I/I NX 20 A/5500V
55F25-I NX 25 A/5500V
55F25-I/I NX 25 A/5500V
55F30-I NX 30 A/5500V
55F30-I/I NX 30 A/5500V
55F40-I NX 40A/5500V
55F40-I/I NX 40A/5500V
55F50-I NX 50A/5500V
55F50-I/I NX 50A/5500V
55F65-I NX 65A/5500V
55F65-I/I NX 65A/5500V
55F75-I NX 75A/5500V
55F75-I/I NX 75A/5500V
83F06-I NX 6A/8300V
83F06-I/I NX 6A/8300V
83F08-I NX 8A/8300V
83F08-I/I NX 8A/8300V
83F10-I NX 10A/8300V
83F10-I/I NX 10A/8300V
83F012-I NX 12A/8300V
83F012-I/I NX 12A/8300V
83F018-I NX 18A/8300V
83F018-I/I NX 18A/8300V
83F020-I NX 20A/8300V
83F020-I/I NX 20A/8300V
83F025-I NX 25A/8300V
83F025-I/I NX 25A/8300V
83F030-I NX 30A/8300V
83F030-I/I NX 30A/8300V
83F040-I NX 40A/8300V
83F040-I/I NX 40A/8300V
83F050-DW NX 50A/8300V
83F050-I/I NX 50A/8300V
83F065-I NX 65A/8300V
83F065-I/I NX 65A/8300V
83F80-I NX 80A/8300V
83F80-I/I NX 80A/8300V
83F100-I NX 100A/8300V
83F100-I/I NX 100A/8300V
83F125-I NX 125A/8300V
83F125-I/I NX 125A/8300V
83F140-I/I NX 140A/8300V
15F03-I NX 3A/15500V
15F06-I NX 6A/15500V
15F08-I NX 8A/15500V
15F10-I NX 10A/15500V
15F12-I NX 12A/15500V
15F18-I NX 18A/15500V
15F20-I NX 20A/15500V
15F25-I NX 25A/15500V
15F30-I NX 30A/15500V
15F40-I NX 40A/15500V
15F50-DW NX 50A/15500V
15F50-I NX 50A/15500V
15F65-I NX 65A/15500V
15F80-I NX 80A/15500V
15F100-I NX 100A/15500V
15F125-I NX 125A/15500V
15F03-I/I NX 3A/15500V
15F06-I/I NX 6A/15500V
15F08-I/I NX 8A/15500V
15F10-I/I NX 10A/15500V
15F12-I/I NX 12A/15500V
15F18-I/I NX 18A/15500V
15F20-I/I NX 20A/15500V
15F25-I/I NX 25A/15500V
15F30-I/I NX 30A/15500V
15F40-I/I NX 40A/15500V
15F50-I/I NX 50A/15500V
15F65-I/I NX 65A/15500V
15F80-I/I NX 80A/15500V
15F100-I/I NX 100A/15500V
15F125-I/I NX 125A/15500V
23F03-I NX 3A/23000V
23F06-I NX 6A/23000V
23F08-I NX 8A/23000V
23F10-I NX 10A/23000V
23F12-I NX 12A/23000V
23F18-I NX 18A/23000V
23F20-I NX 20A/23000V
23F25-I NX 25A/23000V
23F30-I NX 30A/23000V
23F40-I NX 40A/23000V
23F50-DW NX 50A/23000V
23F50-I NX 50A/23000V
23F65-I NX 65A/23000V
23F80-I NX 80A/23000V
23F100-I NX 100A/23000V
23F03-I/I NX 3A/23000V
23F06-I/I NX 6A/23000V
23F08-I/I NX 8A/23000V
23F10-I/I NX 10A/23000V
23F12-I/I NX 12A/23000V
23F18-I/I NX 18A/23000V
43F30-IV-BT CAP 30A/4300V
43F40-IV-BT CAP 40A/4300V
43F65-IV-BT CAP 65A/4300V
43F80-IV-BT CAP 80A/4300V
43F100-IV-BT CAP 100A/4300V
55F25-IV-BT CAP 25A/5500V
55F30-IV-BT CAP 30A/5500V
55F40-IV-BT CAP 40A/5500V
55F50-IV-BT CAP 50A/5500V
55F65-IV-BT CAP 65A/5500V
55F75-IV-BT CAP 75A/5500V
83F10-IV-BT CAP 10A/8300V
83F12-IV-BT CAP 12A/8300V
83F20-IV-BT CAP 20A/8300V
83F25-IV-BT CAP 25A/8300V
83F30-IV-BT CAP 30A/8300V
83F40-IV-BT CAP 40A/8300V
83F50-IV-BT CAP 50A/8300V
83F65-IV-BT CAP 65A/8300V
83F80-IV-BT CAP 80A/8300V
83F100-IV-BT CAP 100A/8300V
155F08-IV-BT CAP 8A/15500V
155F10-IV-BT CAP 10A/15500V
155F12-IV-BT CAP 12A/15500V
155F18-IV-BT CAP 18A/15500V
155F20-IV-BT CAP 20A/15500V
155F25-IV-BT CAP 25A/15500V
155F30-IV-BT CAP 30A/15500V
155F40-IV-BT CAP 40A/15500V
155F50-IV-BT CAP 50A/15500V
23F06-IV-BT CAP 8A/23000V
23F08-IV-BT CAP 8A/23000V
23F10-IV-BT CAP 10A/23000V
23F12-IV-BT CAP 12A/23000V
23F18-IV-BT CAP 18A/23000V
23F20-IV-BT CAP 20A/23000V
23F25-IV-BT CAP 25A/23000V
23F30-IV-BT CAP 30A/23000V
23F40-IV-BT CAP 40A/23000V
43F30-IV-BTS CAP 30A/4300V
43F40-IV-BTS CAP 40A/4300V
43F65-IV-BTS CAP 65A/4300V
43F80-IV-BTS CAP 80A/4300V
43F100-IV-BTS CAP 100A/4300V
55F25-IV-BTS CAP 25A/5500V
55F30-IV-BTS CAP 30A/5500V
55F40-IV-BTS CAP 40A/5500V
55F50-IV-BTS CAP 50A/5500V
55F65-IV-BTS CAP 64A/5500V
55F75-IV-BTS CAP 75A/5500V
83F10-IV-BTS CAP 10A/8300V
83F12-IV-BTS CAP 12A/8300V
83F20-IV-BTS CAP 20A/8300V
83F25-IV-BTS CAP 25A/8300V
83F30-IV-BTS CAP 30A/8300V
83F40-IV-BTS CAP 40A/8300V
83F50-IV-BTS CAP 50A/8300V
83F65-IV-BTS CAP 65A/8300V
83F80-IV-BTS CAP 80A/8300V
83F100-IV-BTS CAP 100A/8300V
155F08-IV-BTS CAP 8A/15500V
155F10-IV-BTS CAP 10A/15500V
155F12-IV-BTS CAP 12A/15500V
155F18-IV-BTS CAP 18A/15500V
155F20-IV-BTS CAP 20A/15500V
155F25-IV-BTS CAP 25A/15500V
155F30-IV-BTS CAP 30A/15500V
155F40-IV-BTS CAP 40A/15500V
155F50-IV-BTS CAP 50A/15500V
23F06-IV-BTS CAP 6A/23000V
23F08-IV-BTS CAP 8A/23000V
23F10-IV-BTS CAP 10A/23000V
23F12-IV-BTS CAP 12A/23000V
23F18-IV-BTS CAP 18A/23000V
23F20-IV-BTS CAP 20A/23000V
23F25-IV-BTS CAP 25A/23000V
23F30-IV-BTS CAP 30A/23000V
23F40-IV-BTS CAP 40A/23000V
43F30-IV-BTB CAP 30A/4300V
43F40-IV-BTB CAP 40A/4300V
43F65-IV-BTB CAP 65A/4300V
43F80-IV-BTB CAP 80A/4300V
43F100-IV-BTB CAP 100A/4300V
55F25-IV-BTB CAP 25A/5500V
55F30-IV-BTB CAP 30A/5500V
55F40-IV-BTB CAP 40A/5500V
55F50-IV-BTB CAP 50A/5500V
55F65-IV-BTB CAP 65A/5500V
55F75-IV-BTB CAP 75A/5500V
83F10-IV-BTB CAP 10A/8300V
83F12-IV-BTB CAP 12A/8300V
83F20-IV-BTB CAP 20A/8300V
83F25-IV-BTB CAP 25A/8300V
83F30-IV-BTB CAP 30A/8300V
83F40-IV-BTB CAP 40A/8300V
83F50-IV-BTB CAP 50A/8300V
83F65-IV-BTB CAP 65A/8300V
83F80-IV-BTB CAP 80A/8300V
83F100-IV-BTB CAP 100A/8300V
155F08-IV-BTB CAP 8A/15500V
155F10-IV-BTB CAP 10A/15500V
155F12-IV-BTB CAP 12A/15500V
155F18-IV-BTB CAP 18A/15500V
155F20-IV-BTB CAP 20A/15500V
155F25-IV-BTB CAP 25A/15500V
155F30-IV-BTB CAP 30A/15500V
155F40-IV-BTB CAP 40A/15500V
155F50-IV-BTB CAP 50A/15500V
23F06-IV-BTB CAP 6A/23000V
23F08-IV-BTB CAP 8A/23000V
23F10-IV-BTB CAP 10A/23000V
23F12-IV-BTB CAP 12A/23000V
23F18-IV-BTB CAP 18A/23000V
23F20-IV-BTB CAP 20A/23000V
23F25-IV-BTB CAP 25A/23000V
23F30-IV-BT CAP 30A/23000V
23F30-IV-BTS CAP 30A/23000V
23F30-IV-BTB CAP 30A/23000V
23F40-IV-BT CAP 40A/23000V
23F40-IV-BTS CAP 40A/23000V
23F40-IV-BTB CAP 40A/23000V
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